In recent months, redhotblue in conjunction with the City Centre Taskforce put together a Marketing Toolkit to assist businesses through the City Centre Revitalisation Project. The swatch book highlights a variety of methods to help promote your business and suggestions for a marketing plan.

The importance of each section – Branding, Promoting Locally, Database, Digital Marketing, PR, and Social Awareness – will vary depending on your business needs. It’s hard to say one section is more important over the others as they all go hand in hand with each other, so I have selected two sections to feature that complement each other, branding and social awareness.

A business brand is the first impression given to your consumers and is crucial that it is clear on what your business stands for. In creating a brand it is vital to ensure all marketing materials are consistent to assist in strengthening your brand overall.

Once you have your branding consistent and it represents your business, get it out there as much as possible to create brand visibility. Branded uniforms, promotional t-shirts, company vehicles and email signatures can all be used to promote your brand.

To ensure your brand remains top of mind with your intended consumers, branded material such as a magnet, flyer or sticker can be created for consumers to take home and be present in their everyday lives. Along with branding, social awareness will assist in creating a strong presence for your business.

A positive way to create social awareness is to align your business with a charity. In addition to creating social awareness, it also encourages a positive reputation in the community.

An example of a business getting involved with charities in a creative way is the burger franchise, Grill’d. Each month they have three charities and $500 to divide and the way they decide is by involving their customers. Every time a meal is purchased, the customers receive a bottle top and are asked to place in one of three jars which are labelled with a description of each charity. While this is a visual voting system, no charity misses out on a donation.

Even as a small business, there is always something you can do to assist in your marketing strategies. If you are a City Centre business and would like a copy of the Marketing Toolkit, please contact City Centre Coordinator, Bernarr Alexander on 4961 9641 or by email, bernarr.alexander@mackay.qld.gove.au