If you haven’t already jumped on board with Augmented Reality (AR) now is the time, after international technology giant, Apple, recently acquired a German company specialising in several applications related to AR.

But what is Augmented Reality and how can it benefit your business?

With Augmented Reality, or AR, users can see the real world through the eyes of a camera just by pointing their phone at a building, magazine or any other kind of media. Through AR, users can bring the online world to life and with just the click of a button can place themselves into a fully immersive, emotional experience. They can see movies, touch interactive buttons or play with a 3D character that appears to be floating on top of the print, offering more of an interactive experience than QR codes.

Businesses using AR allow themselves to reach mass amounts of customers in a fun and interactive way. Say you’re a Real Estate agent looking to gain more potential buyers. With AR, your customers can simply point their cameras at the house, print ads or other media and be instantly transported into a 360degree tour without physically being there.

Another example is in the hospitality industry. Thanks to this software, customers can once again simply point their phones at your restaurant and pull up layers of information such as menus, contact details and more. Making a decision has never been easier thanks to Augmented Reality.

With redhotblue’s Augmented Reality printed materials and other media, you allow your customers to use their smartphone and see extra information on top of what they see in the real world. Through the use of redhotblue’s Augmented Reality app you are also opening your doors up to truly exciting and a cost effective benefit to your business.

Available on both Android and IOS phones, customers can access your easy to change, interactive content by downloading and installing the redhotblue app.

To install the app, head to your phone’s App store and search for redhotblue, then download the redhotblue app on your device. Once opened, the app will take you to the scan screen where you can scan items for digital content. To find an item, look for the AR logo and hover over to scan and see the extra information. Redhotblue’s Augmented Reality allows users to scan for interactive content such as videos, galleries, social media, web pages and contact information. Augmented Reality can be as simple as that.

So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in bringing Augmented Reality to your corporate materials contact redhotblue today.