28/9/15 Easy tips to getting the most out of mobile marketing


With the number of mobile devices worldwide now outnumbering the world’s population, incorporating mobile marketing into your activities is more important than ever.

While mobile marketing is gaining momentum, and fast, there are a few things to note, which will help ensure you aren’t wasting those precious marketing dollars.


Have a website suitable for mobile browsers

If you are leading users to your website through mobile advertising you need to make sure they can actually view it on all devices. This means making a version of your website that is simple, easy-to-read and suited for viewing on ALL smart devices.

Targeted Advertising

A message that is developed specifically for smartphone and tablet users will be most effective. Typically, less is more with mobile users as opposed to desktop and laptop users. Their search queries are shorter and they expect faster, more concise answers. Simplified keyword list and shortened ad text will get your ad the attention it deserves.

Be active on social media

Social media networks are extremely with many regularly accessing social media from their tablet or smartphone. This opportunity creates enormous potential for companies to reach people with marketing messages. Maintaining a presence on these social networks can be critical in the event that searchers use them to find information while on the go.

If you’re not convinced mobile marketing is for your business here are some simple reasons why you should reconsider:
–          Mobile marketing is actually the quickest and easiest way for you to reach your consumers;

–          Measuring the success of your mobile campaign is much easier thanks to free tools such as Google and social media analytics These tools give you real time data on the success of your advertising. You can analyse the reaction of the consumers and make the necessary adjustment as you go without spending a lot of money;

–          Mobile devices will soon be in more use than desktops meaning businesses need to allocate more funds to mobile advertising; and

–          The average Australian owns three such devices with laptops (75%), smartphones (70%) and tablets (55%) most prevalent.