Well there it goes – Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, another year down. Now time for that long list of resolutions for the New Year of 2015!

This year in Chinese calendars is considered the Year of the Sheep. Depending on translations it can also be called the year of the Goat or Ram, animals which have a bit more attitude than the sheep, so let’s go with that. Divert away from the flock and be bold in your decisions.

There really isn’t any better feeling than the New Year with a fresh slate and endless opportunities for the year. While considering your personal resolutions it is important not to forget resolutions for your business to achieve for the year.

One aspect a business may consider achieving is an update of their corporate image. Your corporate image is the first thing that springs to mind when consumers hear your name, so it is crucial that your corporate image is current and reflects the focus of your business.

Now this isn’t to say that you should be constantly updating your corporate image every year however there are certain times as to when a business will benefit from an update or refresh. A corporate image should be simple and straightforward to avoid any confusion for your intended audience.

Here are a few circumstances as to why you would update your corporate image:

  • A recent takeover of the business
  • The business is heading in a new direction
  • The current corporate image is out of date and does not reflect the business
  • A refresh to attract more consumers or a new market

An update of your corporate image can range from a significant impact of a name change through to a less significant change of your business logo or business moto/tagline. The creation of a new style guide to be used throughout the business will help give your corporate image a fresh appeal.  This can include selecting new colours and consistent fonts to be used throughout.

So if you feel your corporate image could use an update or refresh the team at redhotblue are ready and willing to assist you to create a new you for the New Year.