Your logo will sit alongside your business name on everything relating to your business forever, so it’s probably worth considering taking the right steps and have it created professionally. There is a whole lot more to a logo than just stylising your business’s initials. Take a look at the steps that our designers go through in creating a great logo:

1.       Purpose

Establishing the purpose of the logo is first and foremost, is it for a specific product or a reflection of the business as a whole? Does it need to be strictly corporate, or is there flexibility for something a little left-of-centre? This is something that a professional will discuss with you, so that the parameters are clearly defined to make sure the first impression your customers receive is the right one.

2.       Message

A set message of what needs to be conveyed is important when considering the elements of a logo. If your business name is not very explanatory on what services you offer, then can this be communicated quickly within the logo? What are the values and vision for the company, and how can this be incorporated to get across the essence of what your company is about?

3.       Simplicity vs Detail

This is very dependent on your business and the message that you are trying to convey with your logo. It’s worth keeping in mind though that, as printing technology improves, it enables us to include more detail into a logo – if that is what is best suited. However your logo should be simplistic enough that it can be easily re-produced across a variety of mediums without having to alter it.

4.       Relevance

Whether you’re in a retail or service-based industry, or anything in between, we strongly advise having some relevance to that in your logo. Abstract symbology or just a pretty picture might catch someone’s eye, but if it bears no relevancy to what you actually do – it can be pretty confusing.

5.       Customisation

Going to a professional opens up the chance for customising the elements of your logo, to make sure you don’t blend into the crowd. Taking a standard font or icon and altering it in a specific, unique way can give you a competitive edge.

Just because your mate downloaded a Photoshop trial doesn’t mean you should entrust them with creating something that is going to define your business. Creating a logo that is unique, strategic and meaningful takes knowledge and experience – it won’t just happen by accident.