The foundation of any business is the people that work there. Productive, happy, skilled staff will not only deliver quality work for your clients and your business – they are also your brand ambassadors, offering a glimpse into what your corporate culture is like and the standards that you have. So to attract and retain the kind of staff you want, create the kind of corporate culture that they will enjoy.

Of course there is the all important dollar factor, but the other side of that is the lifestyle – cultivating a culture and organisational processes that will make your business enjoyable to work at and shows that your staff’s priorities (such as family, career development, work appreciation) are also your priorities. There is only one method for achieving this – communication.

Effective communication reflecting the type of corporate culture you are trying to develop can be implemented across a variety of methods. For example, for a small business, a simple weekly staff meeting can ensure that all staff are on the same page and are kept aware of what is happening in the company and with individual staff members, both professionally and personally. For a larger organisation, this same desired outcome can be achieved by a company newsletter – a monthly printed or emailed newsletter put together to catch your staff’s attention and get them up to date on the organisation.

Team bonding is also invaluable, when people work together there will always be times when the workload gets high or deadlines get tight or personalities just don’t mesh well, and tension is created. This can go a long way to being resolved if staff are given the opportunity to interact and understand each other on a social level. Once again, for small businesses this might just be an occasional bowling trip or Sunday BBQ at the beach. For larger organisations, family open days can be a real hit. Christmas parties, when done well and with the employees in mind, are extremely effective. Whatever event you choose, make sure the focus is on letting staff know that their employer cares about them on a personal level, whether it’s involving their family or just providing a relaxed atmosphere to get to know their colleagues better.

Another fantastic method for communicating a positive corporate culture is to support employees’ fundraising efforts. Whether it is through financial or in kind sponsorship, this can work on two levels – demonstrating to your employees your encouragement in their endeavours and causes, as well as the possibility of gaining some positive PR for the company via media exposure.

Whatever activities you decide to undertake to establish your company’s effective communication methods and the working environment that it creates, just make sure that you do something. A good corporate culture is like anything else worth having, it takes work. Put in the effort and you and your staff will benefit. Can’t find the time in your busy day for putting together a newsletter, or planning a function, redhotblue can assist with any of these things – contact us today.