Many businesses understand the important role local media plays in gaining publicity. However, guaranteeing media attention to your business can sometimes seem like an impossible feat.

Here are some quick tips making your business more irresistible to the local media:

1. Build relationships: Local media is a key conduit for delivering your message and the first step in getting noticed is through building strong relationships with key local media players. Successful media relations is the best way to get coverage for your organisation in a positive light so make sure you invite media to your business events, include them on distribution lists and introduce yourself to reporters and editors at other local events.

2. Reach the right people: Larger media outlets have different journalists covering different topics. From local news to sports, features and food, make sure you send your news stories through to the right people. If your news story reaches the wrong area your chances of the story being featured are minimal.

3. Make it relevant: Different media outlets will require different angles so before pitching a story make sure your message is relevant to their audience. If your story doesn’t fit their publication it will lessen your chances in being featured. Doing your research beforehand will grow your chances and the journalist will be more likely to pick up your story.

4. Advertising Vs Editorial: There are two ways to gain publicity through local media outlets; paid advertising and free editorial. While paid advertising guarantees your place in the publication it does make the reader slightly suspicious of how true the content really is. On the other hand, editorial seems to be more trusted by the audience and is sometimes best achieved through the distribution of a newsworthy press release. The most important aspect of getting your press release noticed is making sure the topic is current and of interest to the audience you’re targeting. A strong headline and introduction are also important when compiling a press release for distribution.

5. Keep it short: Less is more when it comes to crafting an effective press release so make sure you keep it to a maximum of one page in length. By keeping it short you will ensure you are writing concise passages and paragraphs that get straight to the point.