Knowing your audience – Email versus social media content

As all business owners know, finding the time to tailor your content for the various brand mediums you have – whether that be email newsletters, Facebook and Instagram followers, or Linkedin pages, can be both time-consuming and confusing. Do you streamline your message using platforms like Hootsuite, where you can simultaneously post the same content on each platform with one click? Or do you spend time slightly altering the message for each audience, with different links, hashtags and calls to action?

At redhotblue we believe that brands should be tailoring their messages to suit the media platforms through which they are operating on. For example we wouldn’t post something too informative or ‘serious’ on our Instagram page, because people don’t go on Instagram to learn something – they go to zone out and escape. We like to keep it creative, short and snazzy, with a brief glimpse into our brand. Whether that be through behind the scenes content of our team, or by highlighting some of the work we’ve done for clients, we like to keep it varied and visual.

You may not have the time or budget to invest heavily into your marketing at the moment, but just be mindful of the language and tone you use. If you have a set of email subscribers to whom you send out weekly, monthly or quarterly emails to, just remember they have actually opted in to hear from you and can unsubscribe if they want. This means you should feel comfortable taking the time to be informative and discussing what you’ve been up to, and what expertise you have to offer.

This article posted on Twitter has some fantastic advice and insights from Mailchimp, a great tool for marketing and newsletter automation (Hot tip – the team at redhotblue use Mailchimp for our monthly newsletters!).

Ensuring your initial set up has the wow factor and cut-through is very important though – first impressions really do count. Get in touch with us today and set up a meeting, we’d love to help you tailor your message and develop the right marketing plan for your business.