Planning versus spontaneity; Can they go hand in hand?

People often view strategic planning and ‘spur of the moment’ ideas as two very different operating paradigms. And to be frank they are somewhat right, in that the two ways of thinking are inherently different (strategic planning involves research, facts, drafts and analysis, whereas spontaneity doesn’t involve much thinking at all). BUT, the two approaches are extremely important to your overall business marketing plan and most definitely can, and should, go hand in hand.

We all know how important it is to get your strategic plan right. You need to know everything about your industry, your desired audience, and your competitors. You need to know your logo, your tone of voice and branding style. You also need to ensure your plan has realistic, actionable goals that can be measured and analysed. What business owners often forget to do though is to intersperse their strategic marketing with spontaneous, creative thinking. This could be anything from re-posting a cool image you liked, re-tweeting a good idea, or sharing an insightful article.

The team here at redhotblue believe that every interaction we have in life presents an opportunity for those spontaneous, random moments that can be shared with our followers. Look back over your social media posts and you may start to notice a trend. Your engagement levels likely spiked when you shared something a little more personal – like a story and image of your team, specific work you have done or something that’s happening in the community, as opposed to the traditional marketing posts with a call to action. Yawn, swipe, ignore.

At redhotblue we specialise in educating businesses on everything to do with marketing, social media, engagement and creativity. Give us a call and set up a meeting, we’d love to help you kick your goals!