Business Success: A happy workplace is half the battle.

There’s been a major focus on work-life balance across all industries lately, with mental health issues like depression and anxiety taking a real toll on employees, and businesses feeling the subsequent after effects. Burnout from stress, deadlines and a toxic work environment is a very real and tangible issue, and we know how debilitating it can be to have even one team member down and out, particularly for small businesses.

We sat down with our redhotblue Director Jody Euler, to discuss some things she’s learnt along the way as a business owner for over 20 years. At the forefront of her concerns as a manager is her staff well-being, something that is evident in every aspect of the business. Right from the get-go staff feel like they are part of the team, and that everyone plays an important role in creating magic for our clients. From the accounting staff to the receptionist, through to the graphic designer and copy writer, everyone understands how their contribution plays out in the bigger picture, and how this cohesiveness produces outstanding results.

Jody also understands the value in a simple thank you. Positive reinforcement, acknowledgement and praise are easy things to do, but often get overlooked in the day to day activities of a business. Taking a minute to acknowledge a staff member’s work, or offer some constructive advice and guidance where needed, can create a really positive atmosphere amongst your team. Employees who feel valued and appreciated will in turn show their loyalty to you as a manager, and to the business as a whole. Similarly, understanding when an employee needs to take some personal time out is a huge factor in creating a happy workplace. Flexibility and empathy in situations where your employee genuinely needs your support, is a massive plus as a manager.

At redhotblue we understand the value in a happy workplace and our staff retention rates speak for themselves, with most of the team having been here an average of 7-9 years. If you need some ideas on creating a positive work environment or want to organise some creative team-building exercises, let us know. We’d be more than happy to help you out or point you in the right direction. At the redhotblue office we regularly conduct Think Tank sessions which are an awesome way for managers and teams to start thinking out of the box, and often be given a fresh perspective on what they want to achieve.

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