Originality lasts, imitations don’t.

As a creative agency doing business in 2018 at a time where original ideas are few and far between, we’re often still amazed at how much imitation exists in the marketplace. For every original piece of anything – whether that be artwork, furniture, accessories or advertising, there is always an endless stream of knock-offs and variations available – at a discounted price.

Would you settle for something mediocre; something that’s been done before? Perhaps a blue banana or a lightbulb image will do the trick? Absolutely not. Being different just for the sake of being different without any real purpose behind the idea, is the fastest way to see your results plummet. At redhotblue we aren’t afraid to tell you when an idea lacks innovation, and we will always go the extra mile to think outside of the box. In fact, we’ve gotten rid of the box entirely!

Having been in the business of marketing and advertising for over 21 years, our eyes, ears and brains are hardwired to develop great ideas.

We want to see our clients succeed, and sometimes that means having a difficult discussion or pushing back on concepts that lack a clever edge.  We firmly believe that sitting on the fence gets you nowhere, and while the creative process may sometimes be challenging – we promise 100% commitment, honesty and transparency in making an idea come to fruition. With our experience, knowledge and know-how, your business will be in the best hands possible. You wouldn’t make an omelette without eggs, and you simply can’t make magic happen if you don’t have it. This is why our carefully selected team at redhotblue are able to create unique marketing and design concepts time and time again… it’s just what we do.

We’ve worked on everything from start-up smoothie businesses to large mining companies with national reach, and what we can promise every client who comes to us wanting either a brand shake-up, a new logo, a marketing campaign or an entire concept – we will go the extra mile to serve you with a fresh angle on your business; an angle that delivers real, tangible results.

Make an appointment today and start making astounding moments with your business.