Choose Your Platform - Part 1

You’ve identified your customer & your target audience, and you know that you need to reach them via social media, but what’s your next move?

The number one obstacle that businesses encounter when starting up their social media marketing, is choosing the appropriate platforms that are able to effectively engage with their target market or customer. Your goals & message, content & target market demographic all come into play when choosing your platform.

There are many different aspects to all social media platforms that can be used for business, however we have tried to keep the below as a basic breakdown. In this part 1 edition, we will go over some of the most prominent social media platforms and how they differ from on another.


Facebook has approximately 16 million monthly active Australian users, and one in two Australians use Facebook on a daily basis (Social Media Statistics Australia, March 2020). With over two billion total users worldwide, and over 60% of the Australian population being an active user of the platform, it is no wonder it is the most popular platform for businesses to join in the hope to reach their target audience (Social Media Statistics Australia, March 2020).

Facebook is predominantly used to build relationships & to share life moments via photos & text. Brands utilize Facebook in a similar way, by sharing content that is able to build a loyal following and genuine relationship with their followers. Brands use the messenger component to directly answer questions from their customers & to act as a direct conversation portal for customer service. Facebook is an awesome platform for advertising, with a business manager app & separate page for setting up ads & boosting of posts. The trick with Facebook advertising is that you need to know what will work for your business & industry, otherwise it’s likened to throwing money down the toilet. Don’t be afraid to get help from the professionals to set-up your ad campaigns or manage your paid advertising, it’s a cost-effective way to advertise to a large audience, if it’s done right!


Instagram has 9 million monthly active Australian users, meaning one in three Australians use the platform (Social Media Statistics Australia, March 2020). Instagram differs to other social media platforms as it is solely based around imagery. For your platform on Instagram to be successful, you need aesthetic imagery. As of January 2020, the largest active user group for this platform were people aged 25 to 34 (Statista, 2020).

Businesses often attempt to reach audiences present on Instagram via the use of Influencers, known as ‘Influencer Marketing’. If Influencers show off their product in an organic way, the influencers followers tend to trust their word or recommendation, and brand trust is gained in exchange.

Instagram is much to thank (or blame) for the change in some consumer expectation for products, services & experiences to be aesthetic in appearance or ‘Instagrammable’ to be worthy of purchase. The term ‘Instagrammable’ was coined to describe a photo or picture that is worth posting on Instagram. We see consumers choosing café’s that provide a meal that is aesthetic to look at (E.g. the rainbow coffee trend), as opposed to choosing to visit a café where the meal is solely judged on it’s taste.


LinkedIn now reports there are over 10 million registered users in Australia and just over half of this huge number log in every month (Social Media Statistics Australia, March 2020). While users may not be as active on LinkedIn to other platforms, it is not as saturated with content as other and is a great way for company’s to showcase their brand and their staff.

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking. LinkedIn is used by business professionals as a virtual resume and place to voice their specific professional opinions on topics relative to the industry that they work in. Company’s use LinkedIn to represent their brand, post job advertisements & also to participate in trending topics that are relative to their industry.


YouTube has over 15 million Unique Australian Visitors per month and one in two Australians use YouTube (Social Media Statistics Australia, March 2020). Youtube is a popular online video sharing site and is utilised by businesses in a number of ways. Youtube can be used to demonstrate your product or service in a longer form video. This is particularly useful for companies that have limited physical stores or distribution channels to showcase their product’s size, colour or product in action.

Some businesses use YouTube to reach a specific demographic and loyal following of popular ‘YouTubers’. People that have a large following on YouTube, and sometimes even work full time creating video content to post on the platform, are referred to as ‘YouTubers’. The large followings of these influencers are often very loyal and will take their opinion on a product or service as ‘bible’, so it is important to choose wisely when using YouTube for this purpose for your business.



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