Choose Your Platform - Part 2

You’ve identified your customer & your target audience, and you know that you need to reach them via social media, but what’s your next move?

The number one obstacle that businesses encounter when starting up their social media marketing, is choosing the appropriate platforms that are able to effectively engage with their target market or customer. Your goals & message, content & target market demographic all come into play when choosing your platform.

There are many different aspects to all social media platforms that can be used for business, however we have tried to keep the below as a basic breakdown. In this Part 2 edition, we will go over four more social media platforms that are considered niche for businesses use.


Pinterest has approximately 290,000 Australian users (Social Media Statistics Australia, March 2020) and attracts a mature audience, with over 53% of its users spanning across the three older generations; Pre-boomers, baby-boomers & Generation X (Roy Morgan, 2019).

Pinterest is a place of discovery and creativity. This social platform allows users to share their own images or save other people’s images to create mood boards on their own profile. Along with many other social media platforms, Pinterest allows its users to like, follow and engage with their friends ‘boards’ and re-pin content from other boards to their own. Each image can also link back to a website, allowing businesses to use it as a direct selling tool. This is useful for businesses within creative industry’s that can showcase their products or work in an aesthetic way (e.g. retail, architecture, home & interior design).


Twitter has over 5 million monthly active Australian users (Social Media Statistics Australia, March 2020). Twitter is all about standing out from the crowd & inspiring conversation. Users are given a 280 character limit for each ‘tweet’, meaning users are forced to create content that is punchy and straight to the point.

The number one brand profile on Twitter in Australia is Qantas, closely followed by Virgin Australia (Social Bakers, unknown). It’s no wonder that the majority of the top brands shown in this list are travel company’s that have constant updates for users regarding flights & travel experiences.


Snapchat has grown significantly in Australia, now have 6.4 million monthly active users and 4.5 million daily active users in Australia alone (Social Media Statistics Australia, March 2020). That means that one in four Australians use Snapchat as a social platform. This app is a mobile only platform, which limits it’s reach and time spent on the platform even further. More than 70 percent of Snapchat uses are under 34 years old and is widely used by millennials (Business News Daily, 2018).

A problem with Snapchat for business, is that users have to manually search for a snapchat handle or take a photo of a personalised barcode, to add you to their close circle of friends. This makes it more difficult for businesses to penetrate an audience, as opposed to other platforms where a user is exposed to a profile and has the option to click one button to follow.


TikTok is new to the scene, but one to keep a close eye on. The platform enables users to create videos with sound overlays & content is made up of a mixture of dance challenges and re-enactments of movie references & comedic skits. Businesses are slowly joining the platform to take on the dance challenges and gain attention for their brands, even car dealerships are present and gaining traction!

TikTok has approximately 850,000 Australian users, and has seen a quick rise worldwide and in Australia among the age group of 13-17 (Social Media Statistics Australia, March 2020). Over the past month, as a result of homebound isolations & quarantines, we have seen demographics outside of this age group become active users of the platform. We are extremely eager to see April’s figures as we expect that it will show that the platform has grown substantially in users and that it will have a broader age demographic.




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