Let's Talk Digital!

There has been a MAJOR shift in the way people are consuming media worldwide!

In Australia, changes in consumption of advertising have already been seen. Large numbers of people are already working from home where they can, schools are moving to online platforms & many businesses have had to close or amend their business model.

With more & more people staying home, we have already seen:

  • Less people driving & listening to the radio.
  • Less people being exposed to outdoor advertising such as billboards, bus decals & transit advertising.
  • Many stores closing their brick & mortar store fronts & turning to online sales.
  • Less people in shopping centres being exposed to branding or deals.

So how are you changing your communication methods and messaging to effectively reach your customer? Enter…the Digital World.

Social Media

Since strict social distancing measures & full scale lockdowns have been implemented worldwide to help contain COVID-19, people have been turning to social media for it’s actual purpose – to connect!

People are spending an increased amount of time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and FaceTime to connect with one another. As a result, this is becoming the main channel for businesses to directly reach their customers during this time.

Check that your businesses social media profile is updated with the latest information. As more & more of your competitors move to increasing their online presence, the market becomes saturated. It is crucial to ensure that your social media campaign and the messages you are sending to your audience are gaining cut-through, otherwise they will get lost in the crowd.

Make sure to read our blog post titled -The Game Plan. This will help you narrow down your ideas and you will base your social media strategy on the direction & messaging your business chooses to take.

Website/E-commerce Store

Whether your website is used as a source of information for your customer, or a means to directly sell your product, your website is a crucial part of your business. Other than your social media channels, your website may be your only means of communication or medium to sell your product to your customers at this time.

As we move further into isolation, businesses are realising just how important this medium is and will continue to be in the coming months. We have already seen many businesses increasing their website capabilities to make sales online or improving upon their current website – US INCLUDED! The redhotblue team are allocating time to work on the design of our new website (coming soon). This is the perfect time for businesses to critique & improve upon this essential tool.

Much the same as your social media, check to see that your website is updated with the latest information about your business. Ensure that your website is functional and easy to navigate for a new customer. The fact of the matter is simple, if your website is not easy to use & doesn’t look appealing, your customer will not engage with it. We will expand on this website checklist in a post to come, stay tuned!