Starter Kit

The world of digital marketing & social media can be overwhelming, especially for those that are having to make the move to digital as a result of recent changes to your business environment!

No need to panic…we’ve created the following basic checklist for you to use when beginning your digital marketing journey via social media, so take notes! ✍

✔️Choose your social media platforms. The social media platforms that you choose, must reflect the target audience you are seeking to engage with. For example, if a platform attracts a younger demographic, but your business is in the Real Estate industry, you wouldn’t choose to engage on that platform. (This is important. We will be delving into this topic in another post to come)

✔️Create your business profile. For Facebook & LinkedIn, this is done via your own personal account & for Instagram you will need to create an entirely new profile with a login & password.

✔️Secure the same profile name across all platforms – so that you don’t confuse your audience! Remember, some names may be taken already so ensure that the name that you eventually go with can be used across your other social media platforms as well.

✔️Ensure that your theme is reflected across all of your platforms. It is especially important to use the same profile picture – again to avoid confusion when your audience is trying to find you! You will need to also create a cover banner/header for Facebook & LinkedIn. Your audience will ONLY see this cover banner/header when they click onto your business profile. This means that they will always view your cover banner/header along WITH your profile picture. A common mistake we see is that businesses use their logo for their profile picture, but also add their logo to their cover banner/header. We recommend that you keep to the same look & feel for the cover banner/header, but include something like your company slogan or a graphic that uses images that relate to your business (E.g. previous work/products).

✔️When your profile is completely set-up and you are happy for customers to find you, follow other relevant business pages or profiles! Don’t be shy, get on out there! By following other pages, you are increasing the chance that your page may be found or even recommended by the platform to followers of the business page that you engage with. Just don’t go following your competitors…THAT is not a good look!

✔️Make your first post! Don’t be discouraged if your first post only receives 1 like. Continuous (well-thought out & creative) posting encourages engagement, and before you know it, your following will grow! Just keep at it. You’ll begin to learn the language that your audience engages with, and what images & topics they like to see. From here you will be able to work out a plan for your ongoing posting (and it will make your life a whole lot easier).

✔️If your business is present on social media, paid advertising is your next move. It’s a great way to get your target audience to view your posts & gain their attention! (We will talk more about this in a post to come, so stay tuned!).