Target Talking

All major social media platforms offer an advertising option. But as you may have read in our latest blog, ‘Choose your platform’, this doesn’t mean that you should be using all of them for your business. This is mainly due to the fact that some platforms attract a specific demographic, and it may not be your businesses target market. If you’re spending time & resources on communicating your message via social media, you want to make sure that it is reaching potential customers.

Once you’ve found your place in the social media world, it is common to find that increasing your organic reach is a slow (and sometimes painful) road. Enter – Social Media Advertising!

If you are considering the use of social media advertising, there are many possible benefits to help you grow your online presence:

  1. REACH A NICHE TARGET MARKET – Social media advertising can be targeted to people living in a specific location, of a specific age range or even people that have specific areas of interest. If your ideal customer is 30+ years of age, lives in Brisbane & has an interest in gardening, you can send your message directly to their social media feed via social media advertising!

  3. GET PERSONAL WITH YOUR AD –Targeting your ads to a niche target market means that you can tailor your message & get personal with your audience. Create content that will appeal to this market, relating back to their interests, their demographic or the geographic location that you choose when building the social media ad.

  5. INCREASE BRAND RECOGNITION –Targeting your content to people outside your inner circle of followers enables you to reach people that may have never been exposed to your brand before. It’s important to keep this in mind when creating the content for your ads, it may be their first taste of your brand!

  7. GROW YOUR FOLLOWERS –Expanding your reach to new audiences has the potential to grow your follower count – and fast! Provided that your concept is intelligent, your message is clear and that you have correctly identified your target market & ad specifics, your follower count should increase. If you are having trouble with this, it’s always best to speak to the professionals!

  9. AFFORDABLE ATTENTION –If done well, social media advertising has the potential to reach your ideal customer, with a personalised message, all for an affordable price. You can set your maximum spend so that you don’t go over your budget & most platforms will give you an estimated number as to how many eyeballs your ad will reach based on your ad specifics & budget.


Sounds tempting? Having a content plan & the knowledge to effectively assess whether your advertisement is performing is a crucial part to social media advertising. It’s important to be sure that the money you spend on your ads is helping you reach your business goals.

If you’re unsure, reach out to the professionals. Redhotblue can help you manage your social media advertising and assist you in building a content plan or intelligent campaign concept!