1 CONSULTATION Preparing for the ‘journey’

Finding your why and unpacking what drives you and your company’s values and personality means we can tell your story the way it should be told.

• Analysis of current marketing activities

• Identification of target markets

• SWOT Analysis

• Analysis of advertising channels

• Concept development to follow consultation

2 MARKETING Making your business irresistible

Advertising and selling our clients products and services with creativity and purpose is what we win awards for.

• Strategy planning

• Digital marketing

• Offline / Traditional marketing

• Copywriting

• Public relations

• Media releases

3 ADVERTISING We’re all about the hook

From a unique concept, eye-catching visuals and messaging that talks directly to your intended market, our campaigns stand head and shoulders above the rest, demanding the attention of your audience with targeted placement and effective advertising.

• Print

• Television

• Radio

• Videography & Production

• Facebook advertising

• Google advertising

• Search engine optimisation (SEO)

• Media placement & bookings

4 DESIGN Bringing great ideas to life

Intelligent creativity is the key. Successful design requires the right mix of exceptional skill, extensive experience and a perspective that inspires. Unique creations that truly engage for all the right reasons!

• Concept development

• Logo design

• Signage & vehicle wraps

• Corporate Stationary (business cards, letterheads, email footers etc)

• Marketing materials (brochures, flyers, annual reports etc)

5 WEB DESIGN Making complicated easy

Your marketing tool that never sleeps requires a double pronged approach. Design that engages and purposeful functionality balanced perfectly for a seamless user experience.

• Site mapping and wireframes

• Website design and construction

• Mobile optimised

• Content management system

• E-Commerce Sites

• Social media sharing and RSS feed

• Web analytics

6 SOCIAL MEDIA Connecting businesses

Much more than just likes and emoji’s, it’s creating engaging content that draws in your community through smarter campaigns and comprehensive strategic management.

• Strategy & Concept creation

• Social media page setup

• Social media scheduling & management

• Social media graphic design

• Digital advertising

7 EVENTS Breathtaking experiences

Creating events with the ‘x-factor’ through meticulous planning, attention to detail, proactive marketing, and perfect execution that will leave your guests reminiscing for years to come.

• Concept development & theming

• Event management

• Sponsorship proposals

• Ticket sales platform set-up and management

• Social media event page setup & management

• Catering, equipment hire & staffing