Social Awareness & Education

Jointly funded and supported by several government and community-based organisations, three campaigns were launched locally to encourage community behavioural change with ongoing national recognition and implementation.

The ‘Heat Kills’ campaign was developed as a reminder of how quickly temperatures can rise in cars and the resulting danger for children. This campaign was purposely created with confronting imagery, executed in a tasteful and respectful way. This campaign won gold at the QLD Multimedia Awards for it’s powerful messaging & imagery.

The ‘Hidden faces of Domestic Violence’ campaign focuses on the 1 in 3 children who are exposed to the various forms of domestic violence and often become either victims or perpetrators later in life. This campaign focused on awareness and education for both perpetrators and the general public.

‘Anger Rage Regret’ is targeted at young males to raise awareness of the consequences of assaults in non-licensed locations. It highlights the known triggers and connection between the emotions of anger, rage and the resulting feelings of regret.

All campaigns have focused on awareness and education to encourage behavioural change, through the use of advertising, marketing and branded merchandising.


  • Consultation
  • Concept Development
  • Creation of Campaign Messaging & Visuals
  • Design of Print & Digital Merchandise
  • Creation of Outdoor Advertising